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What type of muay Thai camp in Thailand

If you are one of Muay Thai lovers and think on go to Thailand to not for watching a fight only but to learn  Muay Thai too, there are some decent concepts you have to consider during you way to be professional in it.

Here I’d like to talk with you about it as following:
When you think to determine what type of muay Thai camp in Thailand, you have to determine what type of training you need and what type of exercises you need to skill on your body. Thai Camps are the best way may you go on to get ultimate Thai experience. Also; you have to improve your Mauy Thai language, as much you get better in Thailand language as much you will stick to Thai trainers who are considered the perfect guru for mauy Thai. Choose the smaller gyms is considered as an ideal situation if you are come to Thailand to be skilled.

Muay Thai

Don’t try to gain a friendship with your trainer as it’s so difficult to can do it, because that fact which considers you just another face in a non stoppable rotation of tourists who are in and out of the camps before anyone has learned their name.
You have to know that Training Muay Thai in Thailand with Suwit muay thai is one of the hardest works that you have to be ready to pass with a big amount of pleasure as long as you get better in your training.
Training of Mauy Thai often consists of morning or afternoon run, then two session which last to about two hours and the train for five or even six times in a week.
Training in a mauy thai camp may vary from region to other, but finely most of camps are behave within these steps:
Spend a time about 15~30 in running or skipping which is important for as a cardio works out.
Stretch and warp your hands.
30 minutes of technique (combos, clinch, footwork, etc…)
Spend Five of  4-minute rounds of heavy bag work.
Spend Five of 4-minute rounds of one-on-one pad work with a trainer
Spend three-Five 4-minute rounds of sparring.
In your beginning of the train at the camp, go at your own pace and never to try to force it in a short time, but go through the work until your stamina builds enough.
At Thailand training camps, if you look to a fight with other one fighter, your camp can get one for you

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