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The Best Acting Performances of 2012

  I consider charlize theron’s performance in the movie Young Adult to be the best performance of 2012 because her body language throughout the movie was fantastic and quite amazing. She is known for playing a superior role at a very younger age. In Prometheus Michael Fassbender seemed to having been pretty much everything.

The Best Acting Performances of 2012

He put humanity to the character would be make the movie obvious. Another famous movie called Shadow Dancer in that movie Andrea Riseborough treads a risky line between wanting to care for her son and family and also trying to keep away from being killed. The film is unhurried burner pretty much every role feels unsafe. In Silver Linings Playbook Bradley Cooper plays as a little overconfident, lighthearted and good-looking.

Cooper gives better performance from one movie to another movie. The Master was a very disruptive film. In that film it gives a lot of great speeches, beautiful shots, and memorable characters. In Life of Pi, Suraj Sharma carries the weight of the film on his shoulders naturally. Jennifer Lawrence plays a superb role in Silver Linings Playbook played as Tiffany and widow, who at the same time as appearing unbalanced, illogical and suspicious on the outside.

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